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Learn How to RELIEVE STRESS naturally & easily,
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  • 100% Safe & Natural
    The easy and effective strategies contained in my eBook are all natural, safe and will leave you feeling refreshed and full of energy.

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    Deducing your stress costs nothing!! Improve the quality of your life by learning how to properly manage your stress levels. 

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YES!!  Absolutely life-changing coaching, personal training and health advice. 


Phil offers one-of-a-kind advice on health and nutrition combined with bespoke solutions based on your individual body needs and personal goals.


Only 2 months in and I've already seen measurable and demonstrable results. 

Act on his advice... it works!

Andrew Stephens

Owner Heart of Darkness Breweries

Phil's approach to problem solving is rational, scientific, logical and comprehensive. 


The devil is in the details and he knows how to explain those small details in a clear and understandable way.

Unlike pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo coaches (so many these days), Phil offers an alternative for those who seek a logical, rational and scientific LIFE-COACH and trainer.

Martin Tutko

Saigon, Vietnam

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